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So the higher the cloud, the more energy it emits to space.

What could or should have been done, what was missing, etc. Are they off the hook? If lack of unforeseen knowledge is an excuse for the failure of a design then is there an engineer that can honestly design the perfect machine or structure? Is engineering really a science doomed to fail at every opportunity, whether it be now or way off in the future? Do engineers only attempt to make the best out of what they have to work with?

Should we expect failure and if so then ignore catastrophic results?I have plenty of engineering buddies and we often chat about things that go wrong. In this way clouds create their own surface warming effect. Double post.. So the higher the cloud, the more energy it emits to space.

It could evaporate almost immediately after hitting the ground, or it might be drawn into a tree and photosynthesized into sugar, or it might find its way into an aquifer and stay there for many years. Perhaps at the time of design there wasn’t enough known to predict catastrophic results. >>Sounds like one of those “nondisprovable – therefore true!!!”How is it different from any other theory of human origns, in that regard? Continue lendo